The SA Club acts as a meeting point for South African which have either recently arrived in The Netherlands, and also for those that have been here for quite sometime already.

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Register for the 2015 Camping Weekends!
07 June 2015

It is now possible to register for the 2015 Camping and Braai weekends! Please note that there are 2 registration forms, one for each weekend. Sign up as soon as you can so that we can have an idea of the number of people attending. It’s going to be lots of fun, so come & join us !

For the 3/4/5 July weekend, sign up here, using the blue form.

For the 4/5/6 September weekend, sign up here, using the green form.

The Venue

“Camping De Parel ”, in Zeewolde where we have a great braai & camping area !!


Price per person per night is € 8,00
Price for a spot for your caravan / tent / camper / etc is € 5,00 per night.
Electricity is available for € 3,50 extra per night (per spot).
Price for 'day-visitors' is € 2,50 p.p. per day.Note that payment is due on arrival at the campsite. The relevant amount needs to be paid to the South African Club. Do not pay at the reception. (Please try to bring the exact amount as we will have limited change on location).
There are sometimes also chalets, and caravans available, which can be rented directly with the camping www.campingdeparel.nl. (In this case, a fee of € 2,50 p.p. per day will apply in addition to the chalet / caravan costs, which is payable to the South African Club).

Please remember that although the South African Club is organizing the event, we will not be supplying food, drinks or the like. It is a bring & braai style event. However, the South African Club will be supplying wood for the bonfires (but not for the individual braais).


The address of the camp site is:
Groenewoudseweg 71
3896 LS Zeewolde


Find directions using the following link: http://goo.gl/maps/oeiy5

You are welcome to join us from 15h00 onwards on Friday the 5th of September, at the campsite, if by any chance you should arrive before us, please do not set up your tent, etc but rather wait for us to arrive. In case of emergency, our contact number is 06-26 146 804.

Camping & Braai Weekends 2015
13 May 2015

The next camping and braai weekend will take place on 3 - 5 July 2015 and 4 - 6 September 2015!

Save the dates in your agendas! We will provide more information in due time, but for now it's time to save those dates!

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